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Mr. Khaled Omer Benguega is an Algerian writer and journalist. He is currently the media adviser to the Arab Writers Union and the executive editor-in-chief of The Arab Writer magazine. He received a master’s degree in sociology from the University of Cairo in 1988.

Mr. Benguega has more than 32 years of experience in the print media and television, having worked in both the public and private press in Algeria, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates. He is a former editor of the Algerian Al-Ahd weekly and Echorouk newspapers. He is also a writer specializing in international and Arab political affairs at the Egyptian Al Alam Al Youm newspaper. Moreover, Mr. Benguega is a researcher at the Emirati newspaper Al Ittihad and at Abu Dhabi TV. He is the founder and managing editor of Al-Ilaam-Wal-Asr (Media and the Era) magazine. He was also the director of book publishing at the Echorouk Foundation in Algeria and the head of publications at Emirates Media, Inc. Mr. Benguega also worked as a lecturer at many Arab universities.

Mr. Benguega has published a number of books in Arabic including The Algerian Military Establishment and Its Legitimacy: Chapters in the Bloody Story of Algeria; The Assassination of Bu Medien: Illusion and Reality; Iran: War and Women; President Mohamed Boudiaf on a Date with Death; The Days of Panic in Algeria; and Unforgettable Days in Bahrain. He also wrote two novels, Love and the Tatars and He Wants Ayoush (novel). Moreover, Mr. Benguega wrote Insights from The Triumph of the Will: The Journey of My Experience by the Thinker His Excellency Prof. Jamal Sanad Al-Suwaidi.

Mr. Benguega has written and published numerous articles and studies. He also participated in many political analyses in news programs for a number of satellite TV channels. He is also an op-ed writer for the Egyptian Al-Ahram, the Algerian Echorouk, the Iraqi Azzaman, the Emirati Al Ittihad, and Alarab (London) newspapers.

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