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Gilles Kepel is Professor and Chair, Middle East and Mediterranean Studies, at the Institute of Political Studies (Institut d'Études Politiques de Paris Sciences Po), in France where he heads the programs on the Arab and Muslim World at the Ph.D, M.A and undergraduate levels. He was also the founder in 2003 of the Eurogolfe Network and serves as its current Chairman. A Visiting Professor at New York University (NYU) and Columbia University in 1995-1996, Gilles Kepel holds degrees in Arabic, English and Philosophy, is a graduate from Sciences Po and received his Ph.D in Sociology and Political Science.

Some of his recent publications include: In the words of Al-Qaïda (Presses Universitaires de France, 2005; Harvard University Press, 2008); The War for Muslim Minds: Islam and the West (Harvard University Press, 2004 (translated into 17 languages); Bad Moon Rising: A Chronicle of the Middle East Today (Saqi Books, 2003) French 2002 (translated into 6 languages); Jihad: The Trail of Political Islam (Harvard University Press, Spring 2002) French 2000 (translated into 11 languages); Allah in the West: Islamic Movements in America and Europe (Stanford University Press, 1997) French, 1994 (translated into 6 languages); The Revenge of God (Pennsylvania State University Press, 1993)  French, 1991 (translated into 20 languages);  Les Banlieues de l'Islam [on Islam in France] (Éditions du Seuil, 1987 (paperback, 1991); and Muslim Extremism in Egypt: The Roots of Radical Islam (California University Press, 1993; Al Saqi, 2006) French, 1984 (translated into 6 languages).

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