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Authored by: Mahjoob Zweiri

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Language: Arabic
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This study analyzes the tenth Iranian presidential elections that took place on June 12, 2009, in terms of their importance to the Iranian political system. An analysis is made of: the importance of the office of President of the Islamic Republic of Iran; how Iranian elections are conducted; and which authorities are responsible for overseeing them. A review is also made of the stages of the election process up to the declaration of the results.

Special attention is given to the tenth Iranian Presidential elections by seeking to understand the reasons behind the result. Also reviewed is the presence of foreign policy on the election agenda. A further analysis is made of the extent of the GCC region’s interaction with events in Iran, and a perspective is provided of the impact of the elections for the future of the Middle East and the GCC states.

The elections appeared to be strictly a domestic event. Before they began, the Iranian public gave the impression that it sought a change compared to the previous four years. Needless to say, what started as an internal affair did not end as such after June 13.

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