Economic Cooperation & Blocs

Regional and International Schemes of Economic Cooperation in the GCC: Choices and Alternatives

Authored by: Ibrahim Sulaiman Mehanna

The recent changes that have taken place all over the world made tools of international conflict m... more »

Commitment to International Auditing and Accounting Standards as a Precondition to Join the World Trade Organization

Authored by: Mohammed Atia Mattar

In applying for membership to the World Trade Organization (WTO), Jordan has had to commit to the ... more »

Economic Integration and Acquisition: Banks as an Example

Authored by: Abdel Karim Jaber Al-Issawi

The end of the twentieth century and the beginning of the twenty-first century have witnessed v... more »

Current Transformations and Their Potential Role in Realizing Change in the Arab World

Edited By: The ECSSR

In recent years, terms and concepts like change, reform, modernization, development, political ... more »

The GCC Countries and the Process of Integration in the Indian Ocean Region: Towards A New Gulf Policy

Authored by: Mohammed Fayez Farhat

This study examines the process of regional integration in the Indian Ocean area as a new framewor... more »

Potentials of Monetary Integration Between the GCC Countries

Authored by: Hail Ajmi Jameel

Historically, the Arab Gulf states had been a single monetary and economic region during the Br... more »