Title Date Source
The UAE’s space project is a mission of Arab hope 6 Jun 2017 The National (Abu Dhabi-UAE)
Mohammad Bin Zayed encourages scientific research: Mohammad receives delegations from Emirates Centre for Strategic Studies and Research and Rahma Society 9 May 2017 Gulf News
How happiness is at the core of a healthy society 2 May 2017 The National (Abu Dhabi-UAE)
Pope Francis meets Jamal Al Suwaidi at the Vatican 12 Apr 2017 WAM
Market demands Opec renew production cuts.. An absence of such a pact could unleash uncertainties global economy cannot afford 29 Mar 2017 Gulf News
ECSSR Annual Conference to analyse future of US Policy in the Middle East 17 Mar 2017 WAM
Giving must be a moral value for all citizens 7 Mar 2017 The National (Abu Dhabi-UAE)
Why moral education is so important 7 Feb 2017 The National (Abu Dhabi-UAE)
Accounting for the UAE's achievements 3 Jan 2017 The National (Abu Dhabi-UAE)
The internet and its transformative role in our world 6 Dec 2016 The National (Abu Dhabi-UAE)
Lessons from the past could shape future peace talks 1 Nov 2016 The National (Abu Dhabi-UAE)
The Mirage: Tackling terrorism with education and security 24 Oct 2016 New Europe
Book outlines UAE’s efforts at conservation 14 Oct 2016 Gulf News
The Depression that shaped the modern world 4 Oct 2016 The National (Abu Dhabi-UAE)

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