Lecture: 12-04-2017
Dr. Maria Bennani
Deputy Director of the “Lalla Salma Foundation – Cancer Prevention and Treatment”
Kingdom of Morocco

This lecture will examine the possibility of effectively controlling cancer in a developing country and introduce cases that have been successful in this endeavor.

Since there are vast differences in the national objectives and capacities of civil societies and governments, this lecture will explain how these two parties can forge an understanding relationship that will promote effective cancer control.

Based on existing models in other similar countries, the lecture will describe how a close partnership between an NGO representing civil societies – here, Lalla Salma Foundation – and a government entity – the Ministry of Health – can transform cancer into a manageable disease in Morocco. Any cancer patient, regardless of income or social class, has the opportunity to received adequate treatment despite the high cost.

The lecture will also seek to answer further questions: How to ensure the sustainability of an NGO’s actions in the public health system? How to generate funds for cancer treatment in developing countries? What is the most effective strategy for cancer control? And what are the roles of different stakeholders?

Lecture Video


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