Arab Gulf
The UAE’s Initiatives to ‘Make the Future’ 2 May 2016
by The ECSSR

Dubai’s Autonomous Transportation Strategy is based on four elements: individuals, policies, legislation, infrastructure and technology. The first element is about creating a center of excellent for autonomous transportation systems in order to improve national skills and attract researchers as well as raising awareness about this technology.

The second element lies in enacting a legislative framework to support the autonomous transportation system and promoting this legislation to be an international reference. The third element provides for reinforcing the adequate infrastructure for such new technologies in line with future international norms as well as studying the feasibility and readiness of autonomous transportation systems.  Encouraging research is the fourth element of this strategy. In cooperation with companies and research centers as well as academic institutions in the UAE and beyond, partnerships shall be forged with technology provides and vehicle manufacturers.

On this occasion, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai- may god protect him- said that , “our goal is to make the UAE a global source of the future for various sectors, including smart cities, clean energy, autonomous transportation, sustainable infrastructure and legislation for the future.”

Such a globally pioneering strategy aims at transforming 25 per cent of the total transportation in Dubai to autonomous mode by 2030, saving Dhs22 billion in annual economic costs.

The strategy will help cut transportation costs by 44 per cent, resulting in savings of up to Dhs900 million a year. It will also help save Dhs1.5 billion a year by reducing environmental pollution by 12%, as well as generate Dhs18 billion in annual economic returns by increasing the efficiency of the transportation sector in Dubai by 2030.

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