Source: The Oslo Times
Date: 21 Jan 2018
ECSSR's research helps in formulating UAE's government policies: Director General of UAE Center for Strategic Studies and Research, Dr. Al-Suwaidi

The Editor in Chief of the Oslo Times Dr.Hatef Mokhtar, earlier this month met with the Director General of the Emirates Centre for Strategic Studies and Research, Dr.Jamal Sanad Al-Suwaidi, for a strategic meeting which revolved around the Iranian interference in the region and other pertaining political and social issues in the country.

The meeting that lasted around 45 minutes revolved around the impact of Iranian intervention on its nieghbours and its growing influence in the region.They also spoke about democracy, basic human rights and freedom of expression in UAE, as the 2020 business expo nears.

During the meeting Dr. Al-Suwaidi also mentioned that the center provides journalists and reporters with necessary equipment to monitor the daily political, economic, military, and social events and developments that are of particular significance to UAE’s national security.

“ Journalists usually monitor key developments in United Arab Emirates, the GCC countries, the Arab world, the European Union and the US, and Asian countries,” he said.

Dr. Al-Suwaidi, who has also been recognized as a revolutionary thinker by College of William & Mary, further stated, that the information that is collected by the journalists is then stored and used for studies on the key issues affecting UAE today. “Our studies are based on reliable information and accurate statistics that the databases unit of the Center continuously develops and updates, aided through specialized and diverse information sources,” he said.

The Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research (ECSSR), is an academic institution established to promote scientific research methodology and encourage academic traditions in society, is committed to pursuing its mission with determination in formulating strategies and taking decisions.

According to him, the center strives to provide community services through scientific activities and the convening of symposia, lectures and conferences on topics related to its research agenda.

It also actively assists and promotes the professional development of UAE nationals through training programs and extends support to the government's decision-making process by preparing reports on best policy scenario mix and providing research inputs to decision-makers.