Title Date Source
Future jobs and the importance of developing the local workforce 1 May 2018 Gulf News
Sheikha Fatima receives delegation of female ECSSR employees 11 Apr 2018 Emirates News Agency-WAM (Abu Dhabi-UAE)
The information and communication revolution: An engine of global change 3 Apr 2018 Gulf News (Dubai-UAE)
Education: The best way to cope with change 6 Mar 2018 Gulf News
A conceptual framework to understand change 6 Feb 2018 Gulf News
ECSSR's research helps in formulating UAE's government policies: Director General of UAE Center for Strategic Studies and Research, Dr. Al-Suwaidi 21 Jan 2018 The Oslo Times
Around 98% of UAE nationals have negative opinion of Muslim Brotherhood: ECSSR 14 Jan 2018 WAM
A blow to peace in the Middle East 8 Jan 2018 Gulf News
The only option now is to adapt or perish.. Jamal Al Suwaidi reflects on a period of momentous change and considers the challenges facing the Arab world 2 Jan 2018 The National (Abu Dhabi-UAE)
Smart Government and the UAE: the happiness of citizens is the ultimate goal 5 Dec 2017 The National (Abu Dhabi-UAE)
National Day is an occasion to relive the glory of our past and remember the life of Sheikh Zayed 30 Nov 2017 The National (Abu Dhabi-UAE)
How the UAE's caring leadership helps citizens overcome their debt problems.. Jamal Al Suwaidi examines the crucial work performed by the Debts Settlement Fund 31 Oct 2017 The National (Abu Dhabi-UAE)
The Sheikh Zayed Book Award is one of the UAE’s many gifts to the Arab world 9 Oct 2017 The National (Abu Dhabi-UAE)
One of the key pillars of this country’s foreign policy is humanitarian relief 7 Sep 2017 The National (Abu Dhabi-UAE)

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